Our Vision

To be a reference Art Collection for Sub-Saharan Contemporary Art and a resource for researchers in the region and around the world, interested in discovering and divulging Sub-Saharan Contemporary Art

Our Mission

To collect, support research and curatorial projects of Sub-Saharan Contemporary Art through our Public Programing, Exhibitions and diverse Fellowships Programs

About Us

ARAK Collection is an independent, Qatari-based initiative, that aims to promote through exhibitions, publications, research and educational programs, Contemporary Sub-Saharan African Art and Artists.

The Collection is a resource for Artists, Curators and Researchers, it hosts in-house and traveling exhibitions, it also lends artwork to regional and international organizations, institutions and museums, producing print and online publications, and impactful public programs associated with the exhibitions it produces and hosts.

ARAK Collection is a public platform to foster critical dialogue around contemporary art practices with a focus on Sub-Saharan African Artists and educational programs that have an educational and developmental impact in the local community.

The collection consists of paintings, paper and prints of more than 200 young and mid-career artists of Sub Saharan African countries.