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The ARAK Collection is an independent, Qatari-based effort committed to fostering critical dialogue around contemporary art practices, with a focus on African art through exhibitions, publications, research and educational programs. ARAK represents the initials of the private collector, AbdulRahman Al Khelaifi who is behind the initiative.

Vision &


Developed only a decage ago and solidified as a private collection over the years, ARAK extends its drive to a broad spectrum of objectives. Primarily, our goal is for the collection to become a resource and valuable tool for artists, curators and researchers with a strong interest in African art. In the end, to lead engaging dialogues and critical art writing, through its fellowship programmes for young and mid-career cultural practitioners.

our story

ARAK's story begins with a 15-day trip via the Rovos Rail from Dar es Salaam to Cape Town, where AbdulRahman Al Khulafi first developed an interest in African art. Now, it is a subtantial contemporary African Art collection presented from Qatar to the rest of the world.

Creative Support

At its core, ARAK Collection is dedicated to the support of young and mid-career artists and professionals. Our programs include:

Curatorial Residency Fellowship
The Curatorial Residency Fellowship promotes a better knowledge and understanding of contemporary African art in the Middle East and beyond, through the research, curation and exhibition of artworks in the collection.              
Art Writer Residency
A commitment to initiating critical art discourse through backing art writing and publishing endeavors, democratizing access to diverse viewpoints and insights.
Art Writing & Publishing Program
The Art Writing & Publishing program is targeted at interested art writers, academics, critics and intellectuals that have a publication project they would like to collaborate on or develop with the ARAK Collection.
Artist Commissioning
Through the commissioning of new and innovative works, we will challenge artists to explore and expand the limits of their creative practices. (Coming soon)


ARAK Collection is interested in a collaborative approach. Alongside key national, regional and international partners, we work towards our goals and objectives. Write to us, if you have collaboration ideas.

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Exhibitions & Events

Here at ARAK, we present a range of art exhibitions and engaging events. From curated exhibitions by the recipients of our fellowship programs to critical art writing workshops.

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Do you have a question, or are you interested in joining our team, or just want to chat about contemporary African art? We are always open to hearing from you and welcome your insights and inquiries. Feel free to reach out to us at info@arakcollection.com