Artist Commission


currently offered
Program Overview
Through visits to artists' studios across Africa, the ARAK Collection engages directly with new artists each year exploring opportunities to support them by commissioning either a single work or a body of work.
Who Should Apply
This program is open to contemporary African artists who are actively working in their studios and are exploring new and innovative directions in their art. Artists seeking support for the production of a body of work or individual pieces that require financial backing are encouraged to apply.
Program Details
Studio Visits
Our committee conducts research trips to meet artists in their studios, offering a unique opportunity for direct engagement and dialogue.
Support for Production
Selected artists will receive funding towards the development and production of their artwork, facilitating the realization of projects that might otherwise be constrained by financial limitations.
Inclusion in ARAK Collection
The ultimate aim is to commission artworks that will be added to the ARAK Collection, either through direct commissioning or by supporting projects that artists need funding for.
Submission Process
Artists interested in being considered for a studio visit and potential commission should submit their contact information and studio address. This information will be added to our artists studio map and database, making them eligible for selection when the committee is planning visits in their region. Artists working on innovative projects that need funding are also invited to apply directly for the commissioning program.
The program represents an opportunity for artists to gain visibility and support within the global art community. By becoming a part of our collection, your work will be featured in a leading repository of contemporary African art.
Apply Now
If you have a project in mind that could benefit from our support, we want to hear from you. Share your vision with us.