Art Writing & Publishing


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Program Overview
The Art Writing & Publishing Program invites art writers, academics, critics, and intellectuals to develop their publication in collaboration with ARAK Collection. We are keen for groundbreaking ideas and scholarly works that fill the gaps in the current art publishing landscape.
Who Should Apply
Whether you are nurturing a budding idea or have been laboring over a manuscript, if you believe your work adds a missing piece to the art publishing landscape, we want to hear from you. Our program is designed for thinkers and writers across the spectrum of art discourse who aspire to see their projects executed.
Program Details
Collaborative Development
Selected projects will receive the full support of ARAK Collection, from conceptual refinement to publication. We embrace a collaborative approach, ensuring that your vision aligns with our mission and has the potential to contribute significantly to art ideas and criticism.
Publishing Under ARAK's Umbrella
Projects that gain the consensual approval of the ARAK Curatorial Advisory Committee will be developed and published under the prestigious ARAK Collection Publishing Umbrella. This offers a unique opportunity for your work to be recognized and disseminated widely within the art community and beyond.
Open Submission
We encourage submissions of all kinds – from monographs and critical essays to thematic research. If you have an idea or a project that challenges the conventional or fills an unexplored niche in art writing, we would love to hear more.
Submission Process
Your submission should outline the concept, scope, and significance of your project, demonstrating how it contributes to new understandings or conversations in contemporary African art. Include a brief proposal, an overview of your work or idea, and any relevant work samples or drafts.
Why Publish with Us
Leverage ARAK Collection's network and reputation to gain unparalleled visibility for your work.
Contribute to the global discourse on contemporary African art, reaching a wide audience of academics, critics, artists, and art enthusiasts.
Benefit from ARAK Collection's expertise in art publishing, including editorial support, marketing, and distribution.
Apply Now
Your vision could expand how we understand contemporary African art. Share your project with us, we are interested in hearing more.