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Elias Mung'ora
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Elias Mung'ora, a devoted artist, is based in Nairobi, having migrated from his hometown of Nyeri in Central Kenya. Initially moving to Nairobi for academic pursuits in Real Estate and Property Management, Mung'ora's passion for art ultimately led him to dedicate himself fully to his artistic career. His primary mediums include painting, drawing, and photography, through which he explores and critiques the urban landscape and living conditions of Nairobi.

Mung'ora's art delves into his personal connection with the city and his quest for identity within its confines. He is particularly drawn to Nairobi's political and economic narratives and their manifestations in the city's current state. An integral part of his work is the exploration of physical spaces and the remnants of their past lives, which he views as tangible memories. Through his art, Mung'ora examines how human activities shape and transform these environments, leaving behind marks and traces that narrate stories of time, history, and the essence of those who have interacted with these spaces.

These imprints, as Mung'ora interprets, act as a collage of daily life, offering profound insights into the dynamics of space and the politics of accessibility within the urban context. As a member of the Brush Tu artists' collective, Mung'ora has significantly contributed to the Nairobi art scene, participating in notable group exhibitions and earning recognition for his compelling work, including winning the 2016 Manjano Art Prize and being a finalist in the 2018 Barclays L’Atelier competition. His solo exhibition, "Journal Entries" at the Little Art Gallery in 2016, further underscores his reflective and introspective approach to art, positioning him as a critical observer and commentator of urban life in Nairobi.