Henry Mzili Mujunga

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Henry Mzili Mujunga
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Henry 'Mzili' Mujunga, an esteemed artist from Uganda, is renowned for his complex portraits that intricately weave together a myriad of objects within a singular frame, creating a rich tapestry of intimate and personal spaces. These spaces often merge multiple settings into one, with each painting's title providing insight into the interactions depicted while hinting at broader implications. Mzili's artistic approach mirrors the identity formation processes he observes in Uganda, where individuals often use their appearance, belongings, and surroundings to project their self-image, while others interpret these cues to discern identities. His autobiographical compositions offer a window into his personal history and current life, serving as a foundation for viewers to explore contemporary urban Kampala identities.

Mujunga's prowess extends to painting and printmaking, where he seamlessly blends traditional aesthetics, African art narratives, and contemporary artistic methodologies. Over a career spanning two decades, he has championed what he terms 'indigenous expressionism,' earning accolades such as the Royal Overseas League (ROSL) Art Scholarship in 2003. His work has been showcased across Africa and Europe, including countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, the UK, Germany, and France. Beyond his artistic contributions, Mzili is a co-founder of the Kampala Arts Trust, underscoring his integral role in shaping Uganda's art landscape.