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Ismael Kateregga
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Ismael Kateregga, born in 1980 in the Luweero district of Uganda, embarked on his artistic journey at Kibuli Secondary School, which was further nurtured at the prestigious Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art at Makerere University. Here, he honed his skills in drawing, painting, and advertising design, majoring in areas that would define his unique artistic voice. A pivotal encounter with Ugandan multimedia artist Xenson during his high school years left a lasting impression, solidifying Kateregga's resolve to pursue a career in art.

Kateregga's creative process is marked by his use of acrylics, egg-tempera, and oils to craft hauntingly beautiful images on canvas. His work, characterized by a focus on light rather than form, features ethereal images that seem to vanish into a luminescent distance, creating a sense of both presence and absence. This effect is further amplified by his minimalist use of empty space, an integral element that brings a sense of completion to his work. Kateregga's art, predominantly waterscapes and streetscapes, serves as a canvas for storytelling, capturing the essence of real-life narratives through his delicate imagery.

In his art, Kateregga often embeds himself within the scenes he depicts, assuming various roles that range from a fisherman on a serene lake to a bustling street vendor on the city outskirts. This immersive approach lends an authentic and relatable quality to his paintings, making them captivating reflections on themes such as urban survival and daily life.

Kateregga's talent has been showcased in numerous exhibitions, including the Afriart Gallery in Kampala, the Royal Commonwealth Society in London in 2007, and the Tribal Gallery in 2017. He has also become a regular feature at Bonhams' contemporary African auction in London, further establishing his presence in the international art scene.