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Letso Leipego
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Letso Leipego, born in 1991 in Gaborone, Botswana, is a photographer whose work vividly captures rural life in his homeland, driven by an inherited curiosity from his grandfather, who is a recurring subject in his photographs. Leipego's fascination with light, and its interplay with shadow, forms the cornerstone of his photographic style, emphasizing contrasts and using stylized light manipulation to highlight often overlooked aspects of his subjects. This approach not only brings to light the lives of individuals residing outside the urban mainstream but also infuses their stories with a visual intensity that mirrors the depth of their experiences.

Leipego's commitment to portraying his subjects within their natural environments—be it at home or work—over many years, showcases a unique blend of his background in fashion and commercial photography with a more profound, layered storytelling technique. His work transcends traditional ethnographic photography by incorporating inventive lighting and composition to reveal hidden dimensions of his subjects.

With a foundation in photography and digital printing, Leipego has honed his skills both as an artist and a technician. His academic journey includes an Associate Degree in Advertising from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and a hands-on digital printing apprenticeship at Photo Lab in Gaborone. His talent was recognized when he was shortlisted for the Thapong Visual Artist of the Year Award in 2017. Currently, Leipego is enhancing his professional skills through the Artist Boot Camp at the Bag Factory in Johannesburg, facilitated by Art Source SA. His work is set to be featured in a solo exhibition with Guns & Rain in August 2018, marking a significant milestone in his evolving artistic career.