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Malibongwe Shangase is a dedicated artist hailing from Ntuzuma, KwaMashu, in Durban, who has been passionate about art since the tender age of six. Despite familial expectations for a more conventional career path, Malibongwe's early affinity for drawing carved out an irreplaceable role for art in his life.

His artistic journey took a significant turn post-high school when he encountered a television program about the Velobala Group at the African Art Centre, which offers art classes to the youth, encouraging exploration in various art mediums. This exposure led Malibongwe to join their Saturday classes, eventually gaining daily training at the Bat Centre, where his talent truly began to flourish.

Malibongwe's dedication and skill as a student earned him a spot as a resident artist at the Bat Centre, where he had the privilege of working alongside established 'Masters.' This experience not only honed his skills but also positioned him to pass on his knowledge to emerging artists. Initially pursuing art purely for its joy, Malibongwe was pleasantly surprised to find that his passion could also provide a livelihood.

Specializing in woodcut printing and oil pastel drawing, Malibongwe's work has transcended local boundaries, finding audiences in South Africa and across the globe in places like Switzerland and Berlin. With aspirations of continuing his travels and further exploring the global art scene, Malibongwe is committed to leaving a significant imprint on the world of art. He harbors a hopeful vision for the future, where the broader public gains a deeper appreciation and understanding of the intrinsic value of art.