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Miska Mohammed
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Miska Mohammed, an adept artist, primarily utilizes oils and acrylics, crafting a unique blend of material experimentation with a profound exploration of the sensual experience of landscapes. Her artistic journey, deeply rooted in painting, was significantly shaped by her engagement with en plein air painting, where the nuances of nature, atmospheric elements, and the dynamic energy of crowded spaces became her muses. Mohammed's approach to landscape, which remains at the heart of her artistic endeavors, manifests as semi-abstract compositions. These are characterized by sweeping horizontal lines that vary in direction, color, and density, echoing the diverse terrains they represent.

Mohammed's formal education culminated in a BFA in painting from the College of Fine and Applied Arts at Sudan University in 2016. Her career is marked by active participation in workshops and exhibitions across Kenya, Sudan, and Tunisia. Notably, her work was showcased in a joint exhibition at the Rashid Diab Arts Centre in Khartoum in 2017 and featured in "Khartoum Contemporary" at the Circle Art Gallery in Nairobi, Kenya, the same year. Mohammed's contributions to the art world were further recognized when she was selected as one of the participating artists in the 2018 edition of the Art Auction East Africa, underscoring her growing influence and presence in the African art scene.