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Nelo Teixeira
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Nelo Teixeira, born in Mbanza Congo, Zaire Province in 1974, has woven a rich tapestry of artistic endeavor, rooted deeply in his familial heritage of mask-making. His educational journey in the arts includes studies in painting and sculpture at UNAP (National Union of Plastic Artists), complemented by qualifications in carpentry and set design. Nelo stands as a pivotal figure in Luanda's artistic community, sharing his expertise and techniques with the younger generation, thereby ensuring the continuity and evolution of artistic expression within the community.

Teixeira's artistic journey is marked by regular exhibitions since 2000, alongside significant contributions to the world of theatre and cinema through his set designs. A member of the Nationalists Group since the '90s and UNAP since 1996, his engagement with the art community extends to his studio "Só Bumba" in Bairro da Chicala, established in 1993. This studio has become a nexus for artistic collaboration and community projects.

His artistic achievements include participation in numerous group exhibitions, scenography for theatrical and cinematic productions, and cultural exchanges, notably in Tel Aviv in 2013 for a conservatory in memory of Dana Maor. A highlight of his career was contributing to the Angola Pavilion at the 56th International Art Exhibition - Venice Biennale in 2015, where his work emphasized the use of wood and found objects. Nelo's exhibitions at notable art fairs, such as the FNB Joburg Art Fair, and solo shows like "Kilapi" at ELA - Espaço Luanda Arte, underscore his dynamic presence in the art scene.

Teixeira's work is recognized and collected by aficionados and institutions both within Angola and internationally, testament to his impactful and resonant artistic voice. Through his creations and community engagement, Nelo Teixeira continues to be a seminal force in the cultural landscape of Angola and beyond.