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Onyis Martin
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Onyis Martin, born in 1987 in Kisumu, Kenya, is a Nairobi-based artist known for his evocative paintings and mixed media works. Martin has rapidly emerged as a prominent figure in the art scene, both nationally and internationally, through his profound engagement with contemporary urban issues. His creative expression spans painting, sculpture, and works on paper, offering critical reflections on global challenges including human trafficking, migration, corruption, repression, displacement, freedom, communication, and the impacts of technology and consumerism.

Martin's work stands out for its deep exploration of the African continent's complex socio-political landscape while resonating with broader, universal themes. His ability to weave these narratives into his art has garnered him significant acclaim, including the prestigious First Merit Award at the Barclays L’Atelier Competition in 2016. Through his art, Onyis Martin continues to provoke thought and dialogue on pressing issues facing the world today.