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Peter Kibunja
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Peter Kibunja, a subtle yet integral part of the regional art scene, crafts paintings that quietly resonate with viewers. His work, characterized by stylized women's heads set against scumbled green backdrops, exudes a familiar yet distinctive presence. These creations, often adorned with large, expressive eyes and soulful expressions, have been a staple at the Banana Hill Art Centre for over two decades, becoming an essential yet understated aspect of the local artistic landscape.

At 44, residing in the artist-rich village of Ngecha near Banana Hill, Kibunja has undergone a vibrant transformation in his artistic approach. Influenced by his mentor Wanyu Brush and his background in design, his recent works burst with color and dynamic patterns, moving beyond singular portraits to encompass bustling scenes filled with figures and activity. This evolution is showcased in an exhibition at Banana Hill, featuring 45 of his recent pieces that celebrate this new phase of creativity.

Kibunja's paintings, once known for their calm demeanor, now teem with life and movement, portraying women with full figures engaging in everyday tasks. His use of flat color planes and absence of depth or perspective emphasizes the pattern and rhythm within his compositions, suggesting potential applications beyond the canvas, such as in textiles.

Titles like "Market Scene" and "Busy Street" encapsulate the essence of Kibunja's evolved style, while nods to his earlier work, such as modern interpretations of the "Mona Lisa," demonstrate his ability to innovate within his established thematic framework. With this significant shift, Kibunja's art transitions from a background whisper to a pronounced, colorful declaration, demanding and deserving of viewer attention.