Ramarutha Makoba

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Ramarutha Makoba
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Ramarutha Makoba, born in 1984 in Soweto and raised in Diepkloof, displayed his artistic talent from a young age by drawing his favorite cartoon characters. His work, known for its large, expressive qualities, initially focused on depicting everyday people and children in their natural environments. However, in more recent times, the motif of trees has become a prominent theme in his art, symbolizing the transient and enduring relationships in life, inspired by Tyler Perry's tree analogy about the transient nature of some relationships compared to the deep-rooted, sustaining ones.

In addition to painting and drawing, Makoba has explored screen-printing and etching, expanding his artistic repertoire. His commitment to honing his craft led him to participate in workshops at The Johannesburg Art Gallery and complete a two-year course at Fuba (Federated Union of Black Artists), further solidifying his position in the contemporary art scene. Through his evolving themes and exploration of various mediums, Makoba continues to captivate audiences with his insightful and vibrant artworks.