Rudolf Seibeb

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Rudolf Seibeb
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Rudolf Seibeb, based in Okahandja, is a multifaceted artist who initially honed his skills through self-teaching before formally studying at the John Muafangejo Art Centre in the 1990s. Known for his versatility, Seibeb has engaged in numerous group exhibitions within his locale, showcasing his proficiency in conventional painting as well as his innovative use of diverse materials such as wood, sand, iron, animal skins, concrete, tree roots, and clay.

Seibeb's artistic focus predominantly revolves around the human form, imbuing his works with a dream-like essence that straddles the line between abstraction and representation. This unique approach highlights the complex interplay between these two artistic expressions, inviting viewers to explore the nuanced ambiguities inherent in his art. Through his distinctive use of materials and thematic focus, Seibeb contributes a unique voice to the contemporary art scene.