Saad Lukwago

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Saad Lukwago
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Saad Lukwago, a prolific artist hailing from Kampala, Uganda, was born in 1981. After completing his studies in Art and Design at Kyambogo University in 2004, Lukwago embarked on an artistic journey marked by innovation and collaboration. His passion for blending different art forms led to the inception of FEK FEK ART, a unique artistic venture co-founded with Jude Kasagga. This collaboration is distinguished by its eclectic style, which seamlessly integrates elements from graffiti, cartooning, and printmaking.

Lukwago's work is characterized by the recurrent motif of the eye, which he skillfully manipulates to convey various emotions and narratives. This element acts as a focal point in his paintings, offering viewers a gateway into the individual stories and moods encapsulated within his art. Through his inventive approach and the distinct visual language of FEK FEK ART, Saad Lukwago continues to engage and resonate with audiences, making a significant impact on the contemporary art scene.