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Meshack 'Shakes' Tembani, born in 1975, is a dynamic artist based in New Crossroads, Cape Town. With an extensive educational background in art, marked by numerous diplomas and certificates, Tembani has been an active participant in the art scene since 1999. His career as a full-time artist is distinguished by significant commissions, including mosaic work for the Clock Tower building at the V&A Waterfront, showcasing his versatility and engagement with public art spaces.

Tembani's artistry is characterized by the use of bold color planes that simplify subjects, thereby introducing a vibrant tension that elevates and celebrates the societal roles of his subjects. His work encourages a reflective consideration of the mundane, transforming ordinary scenes, such as groups of people in uniform, into striking, contrasted figures set against vast, unoccupied landscapes.

To date, Tembani has held two solo exhibitions: "UnQulo" and "Just Dogs," both hosted by the AVA gallery in Cape Town in 2011 and 2009, respectively. His pieces have found homes in prestigious collections, including Haven Holdings in Johannesburg, Robben Island MPLC and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism in Cape Town, and Nando's, further solidifying his impact on both the local and international art landscapes.

Through his unique visual language and exploration of various mediums, primarily painting, Shakes Tembani continues to invite viewers into a contemplative dialogue with the everyday, making significant contributions to the contemporary art scene.