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Sidney Mang'ong'o
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Sidney Mang'ong'o, born in 1983, embarked on his artistic journey at the age of 25. Although he never officially joined the Kibera-based Maasai Mbilli Collective, his interactions with the group, particularly with artist Kota Otieno, played a crucial role in his formative years. Otieno, in particular, became a mentor and a significant influence on Mang'ong'o's evolving art practice.

In 2011, Mang'ong'o joined the Kuona Trust, where he spent approximately three years honing his craft, surrounded by the works and influences of other artists. This period was marked by his participation in the 2012 Wasanii Workshop alongside artists such as Ephrem Solomon, Wanja Kimani, and Dennis Muraguri, with Muraguri and Omosh Kindeh emerging as notable influences during his tenure at Kuona. After leaving Kuona, Mang'ong'o briefly shared a studio space with Kota Otieno in Ngong' before eventually establishing his studio in his home in Matasia, where he continues to work.

Mang'ong'o's artistic practice is characterized by a willingness to experiment, particularly within the realms of painting and collage, often merging the two. His work involves intricate layering of found imagery, employing textures, colors, and political motifs to delve into themes of socio-political decay. Over the years, Mang'ong'o's style has transitioned from figurative and representational to a more abstract expression, maintaining a vibrant use of color and a keen attention to texture. His recent pieces utilize color fields, geometric shapes, and textures to investigate forms within the built environment.

Mang'ong'o's contributions to the art world include exhibitions such as "Ziba Ufa (Seal the Crack)" at the Kuona Trust (2011), "X-tract, Subtract, Abstract" at Circle Art Agency (2013), "Paper II" at Circle Art Agency (2015), and "Freedom Flight Refuge" at Circle Art Agency (2016). In 2017, he was featured by Circle Art Agency at the Jo'burg Art Fair. "Imagined Structures" marks Sidney Mang'ong'o's inaugural solo exhibition, showcasing the breadth and depth of his artistic exploration.