Zolile Phetshane

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Zolile Phetshane
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Zolile Phetshane, an artist whose academic journey took him through Wits University, has since his studies been fascinated by the evolution of music and fashion, particularly from the 1920s. He finds intrigue in the cyclical nature of these cultural elements, how they change over time yet often return to their foundational elements. This theme of transformation has permeated his work, extending to contemporary subjects like religion, politics, and consumer culture.

Phetshane's artistic exploration is not limited to thematic concerns; he is equally invested in the formal aspects of art such as the utilization of space, shape, and form, elements he draws from his everyday environment. For Phetshane, color transcends mere aesthetic value and becomes a language in its own right, a means of communication and expression.

His engagement with the art world is marked by his participation in numerous competitions such as King Kong, ABSA L’Atelier, and Spier Art Contemporary. Phetshane's work has been showcased in over 40 exhibitions, both locally and internationally, including three solo shows. His art has found a place in a wide range of collections, held by both private collectors and public institutions, attesting to his significant impact and recognition within the art community.