Press Release

Trevor Mukholi is one of our 2024 Art Writing Residency Fellowship Recipient

Mar 13, 2024
Press Release
Arak Collection

Trevor Mukholi is one of our 2024 Art Writing Residency Fellowship Recipient

ARAK Collection is happy to announce Trevor Mukholi’s one of our recipient of the Arak Collection Art Writing Residency Fellowship for 2024.

Trevor Mukholi is an independent curator, artist, and writer based in Kampala, Uganda. Mukholi’s artistic and curatorial practice is centered around facilitating inclusive and accessible cultural experiences. They aim to use artistic discourse for cultural innovation through research,partnerships, and collaboration. Mukholi has a Bachelor of Arts with Education; Languages, and Literature from Kyambogo University.

Some of Mukholi’s notable projects include:
“Look One” (2020): A curated exhibition at the Xenson Art Space in Kampala.
“Mbuuza” (2021): A showcase of research by the project “alternative archives'’ by development alternatives.
“Kipya Ki?” (2022): A collaboration between British Photography organization FORMAT andEast
African Photography organization FOTEA.
“FormFora” (2022): A platform for cultural discourse in the visual arts started by curator Trevor
Mukholi with support from Kuonyesha Art Fund.
We are looking forward to working with Trevor and through his gaze and art writing practice discover/rediscover the collection, hoping to bring to our audience in 2024 his exhibition and publish the respective catalogue.

About ARAK Collection Curatorial Residency Program:

Our Art Writing & Publishing programme is targeting interested Art Writers, Academics, Critics and Intellectuals that have a publication project they would like to collaborate on or develop with ARAK Collection.

We are looking for Art Writers (used broadly), to propose reference level publishable projects that ARAK Collection will Publish under its Publishing Umbrella activities.
If you have any idea that you believe the current publishing Sub-Saharan Art panorama is missing, either new or something you have been working on, we are happy to consider your submission. If your idea collects the ARAK Curatorial Advisory Committee consensual approval, it will be selected for development and ultimately publishing.

The Residency Fellowship Program was created to support ARAK Collection’s Mission of developing and supporting young and mid-career artists and curators through promoting curatorial research, publications and exhibitions of their collection’s works. The exhibitions developed and produced by ARAK Collection aspire to be impactful and are all associated with relevant public programming.

About ARAK Collection:

ARAK Collection is an independent, Qatari-based initiative, that aims to promote through exhibitions, publications, research and educational programs, Contemporary African Art and Artists.

The collection is a resource for Artists, Curators and Researchers, it hosts in-house and traveling exhibitions, it also lends artwork to regional and international organizations, institutions and museums, producing print and online publications, and impactful public programs associated with the exhibitions it produces and hosts. ARAK Collection is a public platform to foster critical dialogue around contemporary art practices with a focus on African Artists and educational programs that have an educational and developmental impact in the local community.

The collection consists of paintings, paper and prints of more than 170 young and mid-career artists of African countries.