Jamil Osmar Parasol

Split infinity: A glimpse into a harmonious future

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About this Publication

A trip across the intersection between reality and its multiple possibilities of the future. Jamil Osmar (Parasol) is the curator of Slip infinity: A glimpse into a harmonious future. Jamil is an Angolan curator, artist and video game developer. Slip infinity was curated in 2023. He is the ARAK Collection third 2023 Curatorial Residency Fellowship Recipient. Split infinity: A glimpse into a harmonious future brings together selected works from the ARAK collection to carefully craft a story profoundly impacting us to stir public opinion in the hopes of creating a space where everyone can experience a minimalistic multiple choice narrative that addresses social, psychological and environmental themes in the african context; deconstructing the concept of afro-futurism, standing apart from Western narratives of progress and modernity. Split infinity presents beautiful, colorful and meaningful works by thirty-five contemporary artists. Individually, they invite viewers to explore and experience different arrays of themes and sub-themes; But together, they take viewers to a world beyond our own