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Collin Sekajugo
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Collin Sekajugo's artistic journey is a testament to the transformative power of art in society. His return to Rwanda in 2007, after a series of study tours around Eastern and Southern Africa, was marked by a profound vision: "Using Art to Change Lives." This vision materialized with the founding of Ivuka, Kigali's first visual arts space, at a critical time when Rwanda was navigating the challenging path of reconciliation and reconstruction from its turbulent past. The name Ivuka, meaning re-birth, symbolized a beacon of hope and a new beginning for the youth of Rwanda, offering them a platform to explore and find meaning in life through the arts.

Ivuka quickly evolved into a vibrant community hub, providing a shared studio space for emerging visual artists and hosting a children's traditional dance troupe, Rwamakondera (Rwandan horns). This initiative not only nurtured artistic talent but also offered disadvantaged children a therapeutic escape through dance, fostering healing, education, and a renewed sense of hope for their futures. The space soon garnered recognition as an incubator for talent, propelling numerous aspiring artists and dancers into prominent figures within Rwanda's creative sector.

Driven by his unwavering commitment to leveraging art for social change, Sekajugo expanded his efforts to Ndegeya, his ancestral village in Masaka, Uganda, in 2010. There, he embarked on a project to transform the village into a vibrant arts destination, named the Weaver Bird Arts Foundation after the local term for a weaver bird. Ndegeya village now boasts a sculpture park, camping facilities, a village art gallery, a children's library, and a youth development center, further solidifying Sekajugo's impact on the East African arts landscape.

The 10th anniversary of Ivuka Arts Kigali in 2017 marked a significant milestone, allowing Sekajugo to reflect on the ripple effect of his initiative, which inspired the establishment of similar arts spaces in Rwanda, including the Uburanga Arts Studio, Inema Art Centre, Yego Art Centre, and Niyo Arts Gallery. Sekajugo's personal artwork, deeply infused with social consciousness, explores the intricate relationship between art and community in Africa. His international travels and participation in artist conferences, workshops, and residencies across Africa, Europe, and North America have elevated his profile on the global stage.

Sekajugo's art has earned the prestigious honor of being included in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington DC, alongside various other esteemed private and corporate collections worldwide. Through his creative endeavors and community-focused projects, Collin Sekajugo continues to champion the role of art as a catalyst for social transformation, healing, and hope across Africa and beyond.