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Girma Berta
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Girma Berta, born in 1990 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, stands out as an award-winning, self-taught photographer who masterfully blends street photography with fine art. His acclaimed Moving Shadows series I and II showcase solitary figures against vibrant backdrops, exemplifying the diverse colors and characters of Addis Ababa's streets. Berta's innovative use of digital media to create and showcase his work not only highlights the ongoing digital revolution in Africa but also positions him as a representative of the continent's millennial vibrancy.

Driven by a desire to capture "the beautiful, the ugly, and all that is in between," Berta offers an insightful exploration of his city's essence through his unique visual interpretations. His work has garnered international attention, featured in prestigious publications such as The Guardian, Okay Africa, Design Indaba, The Huffington Post, and Art Africa Magazine, among others. His talents were recognized at the New York Times Portfolio Review 2017, and he was a finalist for the CAP Prize 2017.

Berta's photography has been showcased in significant exhibitions around the globe, including the La Gacilly Photo Festival, Cape Town Art Fair, PhotoVille NY, and the 1:54 Contemporary Art Fair London. His profound impact on the art world was further solidified with the Getty Images Instagram Award in 2016. As a professional studio artist since 2016, Berta continues to push the boundaries of photography and digital art, contributing to the evolving narrative of contemporary African art.