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Hani khalil
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Hani Khalil, an emerging artist with a focus on fine arts, has enriched his skills through courses at Sudan University of Science and Technology. His artistic journey is marked by active participation in various group exhibitions and workshops that span a range of themes and societal issues.

Khalil's involvement in the art scene became prominent with exhibitions like the 2018 showcase at Dabanga Gallery, held at the Topic Club, and the Reflection exhibition at Remenar Gallery the same year. His work was also featured at Rashid Diab Arts Centre and in the "3030 Collective Art Exhibition" at the Khartoum International Community School, highlighting his growing presence in the art community. In 2020, Khalil contributed to the "Vision of New Sudan" at Reman Gallery and participated in exhibitions that echoed the aspirations of a new era in Sudan, including an event at the Embassy of Switzerland focused on young Sudanese artists and the "Sol for Change" exhibition.

Beyond his exhibitions, Khalil has been deeply involved in workshops that aim to address critical social issues within Sudan. From 2016 to 2019, he engaged in numerous workshops across different regions as part of a health development program. These workshops tackled important topics such as reducing violence against women, raising awareness about female genital mutilation, and advocating for freedom, peace, and justice. Through his art and community engagement, Hani Khalil seeks to inspire change and foster a deeper understanding of pressing societal concerns.