Khalid Abdel Rahman

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Khalid Abdel Rahman
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Khalid Abdel Rahman, born in 1978, is a Khartoum-native artist who has largely developed his craft through self-guided learning. With the exception of brief periods spent studying in Egypt and visiting nearby cities and countries, Abdel Rahman's life and work have been deeply rooted in Khartoum, a connection that profoundly influences the themes of his art. Celebrating the essence of the city and its inhabitants forms the core subject of his creative endeavors.

Abdel Rahman's fascination with art began in his early years, yet it remained a recreational pursuit until he reached the age of thirty. It was then that he decided to transition into a professional art career. Since making this significant shift, he has successfully held three solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows and projects. Abdel Rahman's artwork has garnered attention both locally and internationally, leading to sales across various regions. His journey reflects a dedicated evolution from a casual enthusiast to a professional artist, with a deep-seated appreciation for his cultural surroundings and a commitment to sharing this perspective through his art.