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Lizette Chirrime
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Lizette Chirrime, born in 1973 in Maputo, Mozambique, has cultivated a unique artistic practice rooted in her personal experiences and cultural heritage, despite lacking formal art education. Her artistic journey began in earnest in 2004 with her first solo exhibition in Mozambique, followed by a three-month residency at Greatmore Studios in Cape Town in 2005, where she has since been based. Chirrime is renowned for her large-scale, textile-based artworks on canvas, employing a collage of printed fabrics, from Tshwe-tshwe to various African prints, to create abstract forms that evoke the human body and reflect her identity-responsive practice. Through her art, Chirrime narrates a story of healing and self-discovery, re-stitching her shattered self-image and celebrating liberated 'souls' dancing on the canvas, reminiscent of well-dressed African women in celebration.

Her work, which intertwines textiles, abstraction, and art as therapeutic and spiritual endeavors, stands out as distinctly African. Chirrime's path to art was shaped by her challenging upbringing, leading her to seek solace and therapy in gardening, drawing, and eventually creating artworks from found materials on an island off the coast of Nyambane, Mozambique. This period marked the beginning of her healing process, eventually guiding her back to Maputo, where her unique clothing items gained popularity, leading to invitations to participate in group exhibitions.

Chirrime's solo exhibitions include notable showcases at WORLDART in Cape Town and the Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano in Maputo. Her work has also been featured in numerous group exhibitions and performances across Johannesburg, Cape Town, Berlin, and Maputo. Furthermore, she has participated in prestigious art fairs like the 1:54 Contemporary Art Fair in London and received special honors, such as being a finalist for the Bright Young Things Award. Chirrime's art, deeply influenced by water, the feminine, and the dualities of happiness and sadness, continues to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.