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Mutebi Fred
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Fred Mutebi, born in 1967 in Bukomansimbi, Masaka district, is a distinguished artist who honed his skills at the Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts at Makerere, specializing in painting and printmaking. His career was significantly influenced by a Fullbright Scholarship in 2003, which took him to Memphis, Tennessee, USA. This experience, marked by encounters with diverse cultures, inspired Mutebi to integrate indigenous art practices into his work, particularly using barkcloth as a symbol for local artistry.

Mutebi's artistic inquiry delves into the essence of what is considered indigenous and explores the interconnection between art and craft. His work seeks to locate the position of both art and the African individual within the broader global context. This exploration positions him as a community artist who addresses political, economic, and social themes through his art. His use of human figures on barkcloth canvases resonates with audiences, touching on social-political issues, wildlife conservation, and sustainability.

As a social critic, Mutebi advocates for the preservation of traditional materials and the development of skills crucial for the socio-economic growth of his community. His art transcends the conventional "art for art's sake" notion, aiming instead to catalyze community transformation. Mutebi's work has been featured in prestigious exhibitions, including those at the Afriart Gallery in Kampala, as well as in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide.