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Pule Ratsoma
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Pule Ratsoma, hailing from Tembisa in Gauteng, has nurtured a growing interest in art since 2013, notably participating in an exhibition titled "Black Like Us." His passion for art led him to the Artist Proof Studio in 2015, where he embarked on a journey in professional printmaking. Despite a temporary hiatus in 2016 to support his family business in Limpopo following his father's passing, Ratsoma returned to APS in 2017 to complete his studies.

Ratsoma has actively engaged in community outreach projects, skills transfer workshops, and social awareness campaigns, showcasing his commitment to leveraging art for societal impact. His work was featured at the Turbine Art Fair, where he contributed to exhibitions such as "Pierneef Interpreted" and "Irma Stern Still Life with Strauss and Co." during his second and third years.

Currently, Ratsoma is undertaking a 4th-year internship program at Artist Proof Studio, working within the gallery. Beyond his studies, he aspires to teach art and printmaking in rural and underserved communities, aiming to make art more accessible and foster creative expression in areas where it is most needed.