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Themba Khumalo
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Themba Benedict Khumalo, born on February 16, 1987, in Soweto, Johannesburg, is a distinguished South African artist recognized for his mastery in printmaking and dynamic exploration of various mediums including charcoal drawings and painting. A proud alumnus of Artist Proof Studio, Khumalo completed a Design Foundation Certificate and further honed his skills through a professional printmaking development course sponsored by Pinpoint One in 2009. His tenure at the studio was marked by significant contributions to the silkscreen unit and special project teams.

Khumalo's artistic journey is deeply influenced by the vibrant yet challenging life in Johannesburg. His works are a testament to the city's dual nature, portraying its alluring beauty as well as the obstacles that its residents navigate daily. Central to his art is the theme of home and upbringing, which Khumalo credits as the cornerstone of his identity and artistic direction.

Employing techniques such as etching, drypoint, and monoprint, Khumalo skillfully achieves intricate lines, diverse effects, and textures in his creations. These techniques also introduce an element of unpredictability in his works, symbolizing life's inherent uncertainties.

Khumalo's artistic narrative is a reflection on his interpersonal relationships, delving into themes of connection, isolation, and the human desire for closeness and trust. His unique use of electric poles, plugs, and cables as recurring motifs serves as powerful metaphors for life's energy, movement, and the complexities of human interactions. These elements, set against urban and natural landscapes, craft a compelling backdrop that evokes a spectrum of emotions and atmospheres.

A keen observer, Khumalo captures the essence of his surroundings with his digital camera, documenting the interplay of spaces and skies between Johannesburg and Orange Farm. These photographs serve as the foundation for his charcoal drawings, which are later transformed into etchings, capturing the depth and nuance of his original sketches.

Khumalo's work invites viewers into a world where the absence of human figures is conspicuous, yet the presence of life and connection is palpably felt through the electric symbols that populate his landscapes. Each piece is a narrative unto itself, offering a glimpse into Khumalo's introspections and his continuous dialogue with the world around him. Through his art, Themba Khumalo continues to forge deeper bonds with his audience, inviting them to explore the intricate tapestry of life's relationships and the ever-present interplay of light and shadow.