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Zemba Luzamba
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Zemba Luzamba, born in 1973 in Lubumbashi, chose the path of art early on, pursuing his studies at Evelyn Hone College of Applied Art and Commerce in Lusaka, Zambia. Opting not to return to the DRC due to political instability, he moved to South Africa in 2000, where he has since been based. Luzamba's work offers a nuanced portrayal of the migrant African experience in South Africa, navigating through the complexities of identity and belonging with a subtle, realist touch that often borders on satire.

His art captures ordinary life with an attention to detail that invites viewers to ponder deeper narratives—be it the implications of Western attire on African identities or the mimicry of colonial legacies by postcolonial elites. Luzamba's exhibitions, both solo and group, span continents, from South Africa to Europe and the Americas, reflecting his growing influence in the art world.

Solo highlights include "Deja Vu" at the 5th Picha Biennale in the DRC and "In The South – Paintings from 2014-2017" at Stellenbosch University Museum. Group exhibitions such as "Beyond Binaries" at Durban Art Gallery and "From the Horse's Mouth" at EBONY/CURATED in Cape Town showcase his collaborative spirit. Luzamba's art continues to challenge and inspire, making him a vital voice in contemporary African art.