Our Residency Programs

Engage. Create. Impact.

Our Residency Programs are designed for curators and art writers with a strong interest in contemporary African art. The exhibitions developed and produced by ARAK Collection are designed to be impactful and are all associated with relevant public programming.
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Curatorial Residency
We invite curators to research the Collection, offering an opportunity to curate exhibitions that highlight contemporary African art. Residents are supported from concept development to the final staging of their exhibitions, culminating in a meaningful contribution to art discourse.
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Art Writers Residency
Designed for art writers, critics, and journalists, this residency provides the space to produce insightful essays, articles, and publications. Through direct engagement with the ARAK Collection, participants will develop a publication project.
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At ARAK Collection, we support artists as innovative producers, curators as visionaries that think of new ways to look at the world, art, culture and life in general.
We invite you to apply, and be part of the ARAK Collection Annual Residency Fellowship Programs.


Meet the Art Writing and Curatorial Residency Fellowship Recipients