Apr 1, 2023
Sep 1, 2023

Nneoma Angela Okorie

Nneoma Angela Okorie
Curatorial Residency
Program Date
Apr 2023
Sep 2023

Nneoma Angela Okorie is a curator, writer and researcher currently based in Accra, Ghana. Her curatorial & research practice is centered around exploring new forms of displaying & debating using visual, textual, activations, audio or archival materials. She is also interested in experiences which can either be disruptive, small or profound in both public and conventional spaces that explore and investigate issues which affect our everyday lives; also connecting people to form micro-communities. She has lent herself to projects that activated public spaces in meaningful ways like The Tiwan Tiwa and the Mobile Museum projects—The Mobile Museum sought to create structures for our context, discarding pre-imposed ways of using space, while Tiwan Tiwa succeeded in reactivating historical sites, effectively utilizing public spaces as a tool to achieve set goals and objectives. In 2019, she was the Curatorial Fellow at the ANO Institute of Arts & Knowledge for the first Cultural Leadership Fellowship. In 2021, she was one of The MuseumLabs Fellows for an exchange programme supporting joint learning and education concerning the future of museums in Africa and Europe. Her recent research project is focused on how a city can be archived—what was here before, what has been destroyed and what remains.