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Gor Soudan
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Gor Soudan, an artist whose work deftly navigates the realms of the conceptual, philosophical, physical, and sensual, employs a dynamic interplay between mind and body to delve into the social and material intricacies of the surrounding world. Through material labor, his art invites a contemplation of the interwoven narratives of human agency as inscribed upon both the human body and the landscape. Soudan, holding a BA in Philosophy and Sociology from Egerton University in Kenya, infuses his art with nuanced reflections on contemporary political and social issues.

His latest series, "Snakes and Ladders," draws inspiration from the eponymous board game, symbolizing the arbitrary nature of life's setbacks and advancements. This body of work explores the myriad symbols that permeate our existence—from digital icons like WiFi signals and emojis to the architectural and natural forms that define Nairobi's environment. Soudan's method, characterized by the use of charcoal and graphite rubbings, imbues his pieces with a tangible sense of texture and depth.

Soudan's artistic journey has led him to exhibit across various landscapes, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Mali, and Japan, showcasing his unique ability to translate complex concepts into compelling visual narratives that resonate with a global audience.